This mission was set up with the aim of bringing Joy to the world. This is done through various activities, in the community that focused on health care, education and poverty alleviation bringing joy to the world.
It also aims to reach out to reach out to young pregnant teenagers bringing hope and counseling through the blood of Jesus Christ. The Mission have in the last 10 years conduct successful medical mission outreaches to many countries including Ghana, Kenya, St Vincent, Grenada and India. You can be part of the vision. Support us Today

More Than 3000 lives touched already

  • Fola Boyede is the founder of Health and Grace, and has worked with Health is Wealth Mission for over 10 years. This vision was birthed out of a desire to bring joy to the world.
  • To reach out to people, connect them back to God.
  • To elevate suffering break the cycles of poverty marginalization.
  • To inspire people to have a Christ passion for righteousness and conscious of their duty to man and God.
  • To reach out to local and global community.
  • Reaching the young pregnant teenagers by bring hope and counseling through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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Fola Mission has been a great support system for my family, always supportive a great encourager, and always there when u need her, a person to count on in times of need a true blessing.



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Overcoming Teenage Pregnancy and Poverty

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